Duke3D for Zodiac v1.7 is out!

Screenshot MetaView recently released a new version of his Duke3D port to the Zodiac. Changes for this version are: – Sound playing fixed (braindead code, it is…)- thanks to JonoF (he has a Tungsten T, btw) the mirror is fixed, yeah!- on Zodiac we have now 3 screenmodes with scaling, you can change it in the “options” menu -> “Video Settings” inside the game (use left or right button to change the resolution)- music is broken, will crash your device, will be fixed later More information and the downloads can be found on the homepage here, you can leave feedback for this release on MetaViews forum post here. via emuholic.com

Remote access enhances mobile office via Treo 700w

Avvenu has unveiled a new free remote access service that supports the Palm Treo 700w smartphone, allowing wireless connectivity both to the Internet and to the user’s home or office computers.The service uses high-speed wireless access accessing Verizon’s EV-DO network, allowing fast downloads and access to files, photos, and other videos. Access is password-only, and data transfers are encrypted and transmitted using 128-bit SSL.The Treo 700w is the first smartphone supporting the service which runs on the Mobile Windows OS, meaning that a consumer who combines the phone with Avvenu can truly take the office along.”Avvenu transforms a Palm device into a portal that can access any of the user’s files, anywhere in the world they have a wireless connection,” said Page Murray, vice president of marketing at Palm, Inc.Avvenu also supports the Treo 650 smartphone, the LifeDrive mobile manager, and the new Palm TX. The remote access technology is available for free download at the Palm website.

Its Official The imate JAMin (HTC Prophet)

It has been officially confirmed that the i-mate JAMin communicator is being prepared for the release – at the i-mate site appeared a page devoted to this device. The communicator is powered by Windows Mobile 5.0 and can work under quad-band GSM networks and supports GPRS and EDGE. However there is no info on the release date of the i-mate JAMin so farThe specs of the i-mate JAMin:
2.8” TFT LCD 240×320 pixels, 65K colors
2-megapixel CMOS-camera
64 MB RAM and 128 MB flash memory
Slot for SDIO and MMC cards
Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth 2.0
Dimensions – 108x58x18.2 mm
Weight – 150 gYou can check it here:

Review GSM phone Siemens SL75 at mobile review!

“The SL series attracted much attention for its design, and devices with such an index have won many awards. And the same fate fell to the first slider representative Siemens SL55. Many girls chose this model prompted exclusively by design peculiarity, and even poor functionality, low screen and polyphony quality did not bother them. The device’s popularity within the target group also grew because of mass replication of various cut versions of the SL55 for fashion houses and so on. But even in this condition the success of the model was rather modest and rival solutions, which appeared later had higher sales rate” Read this review here: